Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have just finished my first book entitled Blood and Guts. This is about 68,000 words describing my time working in operating theatres in Sydney and Katherine, Australia. I was lucky enough to receive a mentorship from Australian Society of Authors. I chose John Harman in Perth - he has written for a living and has provided me with lots of advice. The book has been published by Interactive Publications in Brisbane and is available on Amazon.


Cheryl said...

Hi G, It's amazing what you find on the www when you are at work at night!
Not long to the launch now - I see the book is everywhere. Cheers C

Jackie said...

I read the review of your book in Health Smart. I have tried to obtain a copy but it is not available in the usual outlets. I work in a mental health unit and would love to read the complete book.

Gloria said...

Jackie - my book is available on Amazon or through Ipoz Brisbane Gloria Burley